Botox® Therapy Services

botoxMany patients with neurological disorders have proven to benefit from this useful therapy. This protein injected into muscle tissue stops abnormal muscular contraction resulting from excess neuronal activity. For those suffering from neurological disorders involving muscle spasm and contraction, Botox® Therapy can provide relief for a few weeks to as long as several months. Injections must be repeated at regular intervals to continue the benefi ts. After treatment, patients may receive physical or occupational therapy. Side effects can include short-term muscular weakness, difficulty swallowing and, rarely, flu-like symptoms. Botox®Therapy has not yet been determined safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

Botox® Therapy can be used to treat:

Botox Cosmetic Therapy

Often in collaboration with a dermatologist, we perform this simple, non-surgical procedure to smooth facial wrinkles. Treatment takes approximately ten minutes and lasts up to four months. This procedure has been widely tested and is approved by the FDA.

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